Denise E. Schenk, MA, LPC, CAC III

The Rooted Heart:  body-centered psychotherapy

What people are saying...

"I have known Denise for over 20 years.  One word can describe her....depth. She values growth within her Self and is constantly deepening her awareness into her own soul. Her ability to go within and grow is not only a valuable quality in a friendship but also in her work as a psychotherapist.  When you meet Denise you know that she, too, has walked and lived in the dark as well as the light.  This quality about Denise allows others to become vulnerable and raw and truly be at ease with their true Self. Denise is a woman who I always feel my truest Self with.  She is a woman with great intuition and grounding energy."

- Tevara Paranto, LCSW Private Practice- Denver, Colorado

“Denise’s thought provoking questions and insights have helped us communicate more effectively as a couple and further helped us reflect in our relationship.  Her style and presence create an atmosphere of openness, sharing and safety.  The tools we have gained with Denise have been life changing for our relationship.  Making the decision to meet with Denise has been one of the best decisions in our marriage!”

~ Brett and Johnna 

"I have known and worked with Denise Schenk for 10+ years now.  Denise brings a high level of experience and a well rounded approach to working with her clients.  I have witnessed numerous clients of Denise's achieve growth in the desired areas of their life in which they sought out assistance in.  Her additional training in substance abuse offers benefits to many of the individuals and is another reason that I refer clients to her. 
                                           - Jamie Knight, Psychiatric Advance Practice Nurse
                                                  Perins Psychiatric Health -Durango, CO

"Denise is a compassionate and attuned therapist who brings her gifts of intuition and presence to her work.  She ongoingly works towards her own development and growth giving her therapy depth and wisdom."
                                                                    -Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW, CHT                      

"I am blessed by your solid, clear feedback; your wisdom & guidance as a guide for others growth.  You inspire me to be a good practitioner, and a beautiful and capable woman.  Thank you. " ~HB, psychotherapist

"I am honored to have had Denise as my supervisor as I began my journey into the world of psychotherapy.  She was brilliant with her mentoring and teachings.  She has a real knack for holding space to allow my learning to unfold.  I appreciated her graceful way of sharing insights, helping me understand technique, her style of feedback, and how she challenged me to explore my clinical thinking.  She is an inspiration to me as a woman and a therapist.  I highly recommend her as a supervisor and/or therapist."  -LT, MA, LPC

Simply said, "Denise is wise. Deep. Loving. Kind.  It has been an honor to work with her,  Sitting in her presence reminds me of my own truth, wisdom and strength." 

                                                                                                                            -MG, Durango, CO

"Denise Schenk is a thoughtful, engaging therapist who works well with clients, as well as other mental health providers, to ensure patients receive high quality, comprehensive care."

                                                                                                               -Lucy Graham, RN, MPH

"Denise has been and continues to be a woman who is a fierce listener, compassionate and continually develops herself and embraces all for who they are. Even though we spend years apart, I feel connected to Denise and I believe that is because of her deep sense of empathy."

                          -Kent Burnham, Drama/Acting Teacher at Chandler Preparatory Academy